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Who do I love? Who am I?

These are questions I didn’t realise I was asking myself, and for a long time, I think the answer came from others rather than deep within. But when I truly think about it, I think my younger self would have confidently said, Shania Twain. I just didn’t consider what this meant. I think I have…

Growing Pains: Where have I been?

It’s official. My degree, written on parchment paper, has come through the door and I am officially a graduate. I should be excited for all the next adventures waiting… But, why do I feel like my university is dumping me? It’s like they’ve sent my things in the post with a passive aggressive congratulations and…

Coming Home to Yourself

Over lockdown if you happen to be out of work at the moment and your to-do list is slowly being reduced to tasks like brushing your hair, you may end up in the same boat as myself; riding waves of overthinking and overcoming emotional spirals. With so much more time on our hands, I think…

23 Things I have Learnt

Fun fact! I am an Aquarius. If you’re not into the spellbinding and elaborate world of Astrology, then you may roll your eyes over star signs and their meanings. However, I’ve always been interested in horoscopes and how the night sky could indeed affect our personalities so I enjoyed learning more about the traits of…

Welcome and Hello

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to write. Whether it would be diary entries, letters, books, fan-fiction to multiple start-ups but never finished blogs. Writing for me is incredibly therapeutic, ironically something I have always struggled with. With mashed-up phrases and my woes with phonetics, I’ve never found the written word easy to…

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