Welcome and Hello

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to write. Whether it would be diary entries, letters, books, fan-fiction to multiple start-ups but never finished blogs. Writing for me is incredibly therapeutic, ironically something I have always struggled with. With mashed-up phrases and my woes with phonetics, I’ve never found the written word easy to master. It took me a long time to learn how to read, and an unhealthy amount of time to learn how to read inside my head! It’s safe to say that this skill gave great relief for my mother and teachers. But this struggle never dulled my motivation to learn. I’m naturally competitive and I loved stories so much I put all the time I could find into learning how to read, to then how to write stories of my own.

What a look!

This work paid off as currently I’m in my final year of a Bachelor Honours degree in Film and Media, in the middle of writing my own book and now creator of a brand spanking new blog!

During my quest to understand my colourful brain and its unique ways of learning, I also found that I have the habit to pick up many hobbies… for about an hour before it falls into the ever-expanding pile of could-have-beens. I’m afraid I don’t have the attention span or the memory capacity to hold information like learning a musical instrument or crafting up something magnificent. Instead, I soak up moments and hold onto whatever I can find that brings joy. Usually this is found nearby in great films, wonderfully deep conversations with friends and good food. I love, however, the freedom of writing. The ability to at some point pick up where I left off and know no one would be waiting.

So why a blog? Well, I love to chat and I have usually got a lot to say so I thought something like this would suit me well. I’m very good at creating a cosy corner for myself and for friends to relax and sink into a good natter, so why not a virtual version! I’m excited to see what I can ramble about and hopefully create a space for all of us to come together; to chat or even just to listen (read?!).

I’m sure you’ll get to know me quite quickly, I tend to overshare. Looking forward to our chats soon.



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